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Kurulu Bay

Sri Lanka

Kurulu Bay Blog Post

When I think of times where I felt most at peace, I think of Kurulu Bay. 

The silence was what I was craving in my mind, body and soul. Escaping the classic Dubai rush, work, usual routine, I knew where to seek the calm. 

As you might have read this earlier, I come to Sri Lanka at least once a year. It’s my favorite place to connect with nature, especially being a short, four hour flight from Dubai. 

Discovering many parts of this beautiful, green island was amazing but my heart goes to the south without any hesitation. Fresh seafood, cotton-candy like sunsets, lush green jungles, friendly mingles with locals, stunning boutique hotels are just one of many reasons why I enjoy coming here. It’s the place where I feel most like myself, where I can disconnect, put my mind at ease. 

Kurulu Bay Sri Lanka

With each passing year, my favorite little town Ahangama has been growing and developing. Once just a very few boutique resorts and now plenty to choose from and normally I have a hard time to pick one to stay in, but this time was different. It picked me. 

Kurulu Bay won me over with it’s design, simplicity and hospitality. Tucked away in dark green jungle, amongst tall coconut trees, surrounded by nothing but pure nature and the Koggala lake, is where this boutique hotel and resort stands. 

Offering 14 modern and minimalistic, uniquely designed cottages and rooms, each one sophisticated in its own way. I could see so much love put into creating these spaces that will serve us, guests, focusing on comfort and peaceful ambiance. 

Two pools where I was able to unwind, read, meditate while the light breeze was playing with my hair. Yoga classes and spa to rejuvenate your body after a long day at the beach. 

Kurulu Bay Ahangama Stay

Restaurant just next to the pool, overlooking the lake itself was exceptional. The menu is simple, but yet very unique. Every dish from breakfast, lunch or dinner menu was outstanding. Crafting the menu must have taken so much thought, careful selection and desire to offer visitors something unforgettable. 

Open Kitchen Space Kurulu Bay

Delicious food at Kurulu Bay Sri Lanka

With that I hope I gave you a glimpse of how wonderful the stay at Kurulu Bay has been. But we are not done yet. I saved the best for the last and that’s the people who work here. The time I spent in this place wouldn’t be as half as good as these hard working, kind, lovely people who made sure my every possible need was met. Approaching always with a smile, respect and thoughtfullness, the staff was what gives this resort a cherry on top. 

Pool Day at Kurulu Bay Sri Lanka

I enjoyed every second spent in this wonderful hotel and I hope to be back soon.

Thanks for everything Kurulu Bay.




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