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Updated: May 17, 2023

If you even wondered where the Heart of Europe would be, let me help you with that, it would definitely be in Prague.

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and it’s an ideal place to spend a wonderful couple of days regardless of the season. Very rich in culture, Prague will leave you speechless with its historical facts, both gothic and urban streets but also a famous party places.

The Czech Republic's currency is the Czech koruna/Czech crown and even though this country is a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic has not adopted Euro yet.

I visited this beautiful city in December just before the Christmas. The whole town was decorated in heart red, pine green and snow-white ornaments and I remember the scent of cinnamon and hot chocolate in the cold, crispy air.

My little brother and I tried to make the best out of our weekend in Prague targeting the top cites to see and if you happen to plan a trip to this medieval, bohemian city, here are few recommendations and suggestions to help you out!

I will share a little weekend getaway guide in hope it will inspire you to put this gorgeous city on your travel wishlist or at least enjoy the time travel through the photo album of mine!


Day 1

Charles Bridge

Upon checking in to our Airbnb room that was located in Zizkov neighborhood, it was already noon, so we unpacked quickly and rushed to the adventure of the day.

We decided to start from Charles Bridge, one of the most popular tourist attractions. It was quite easy to get around the town and we were suggested to avoid using a taxi since tram, subway and buses are so well organized.

Getting a line 9 tram, it took us around twenty minutes to reach Malostranské námestí where the Charles Bridge is. There is no entrance fee, and it is possible to visit anytime of the day.

What is interesting about this beautiful bridge is that it was built in 1841 and it stretches over a very well-known river Vltava. Even though it was a late December, Charles Bridge was crowded with tourists enjoying the spectacular views of the city.

Upon crossing over the bridge to the Old Town, we found cute little stands selling hot wine. The heavenly mix of clove, cinnamon and orange flavor in a glass of hot wine was something we needed after a long walk in a cold December day.

Astronomical Clock Tower

Located in Old Town Square, this glorious piece of architecture was very easy to find and it’s only couple of minutes away from the Charles Bridge.

This is the world’s third oldest astronomical clock and it’s still operating despite the fact it was installed in 1410.

What is amazing about this clock is that apart from telling the time and the date, it also shows astronomical and zodiacal information, and, best of all, gives an opportunity to see some theatre for its viewers on the hour, every hour.

Since it was very crowded, we decided to go to the rooftop restaurant and have a better view of the Astronomical Clock Tower while having a lunch. We found a great spot at Terasa U Prince, where we were provided not only with blankets and cozy outdoor fireplace, but with extremely impressive views of the Church of Our Lady as well.

The restaurant has an international menu so if you happen to visit Prague and this amazing spot, make sure you try Josper Grill Specialties or in case you’re vegan Goat’s cheese salad, in case you’re vegan.

Prague By Night

Nightlife in Prague is very vibrant, alive and definitely not boring. Countless bars, clubs and restaurants will give you a hard time choosing where to enjoy your night.

Doing online research didn’t help much in our case, so we decided to just go to the Old Town and try the famous beer in one of the bars we saw earlier that day.

Out of curiosity, we entered a few places and what we found interesting is all the different vibes in each one of them, there is literally a place for everyone regardless of the music taste and budget!

We started the night in Alibi Cocktail & Music Bar, moved to the Wine Bar Na Sklenicku and wrapped it up in Parlour!

P.S. Becherovka is a delicious, traditional and high-quality herbal liquor that we liked a lot and would recommend everyone to try!

Day 2

Christmas Market

What’s better in curing a hangover than the cozy environment of the Christmas Market?

The varieties of fast food, hot chocolate and mulled wine was something we didn’t wanted to skip since we love this magical time of the year.

Soaking up the festive atmosphere, we tasted local food and enjoyed the snowy winter day.

There is total of three Christmas Markets but the biggest one is set in the very heart of the city, filled with little wooden stalls selling typical Christmas goods and many traditional Czech items such as blown glass balls, hand-embroidered tablecloths, wooden toys, Czech Christmas biscuits, hot roasted chestnuts, gingerbread biscuits or typical Czech grilled sausages and skewered foods.

Swans of the Vltava River

We stumbled across this magnificent place by a total accident.

While exploring the beautiful, gothic streets of Prague, we decided to take a walk in a park by the river and then we saw more than 20 swans bathing and enjoying the cold December morning.

They seemed pretty friendly, and many other tourists were even feeding them with bread. We decided to enjoy their graceful presence for couple of minutes and head of for a lunch. There was no entrance fee, park is open for everyone!

llusion Art Museum

After enjoying a tasty, heart-warming bowl of Goulash, we took a walk to the Illusion Art Museum, and I must say the experience was phenomenal!

Located in the Old Town Square, just opposite of the Astronomical clock, this museum was very easy to find. The tickets were 12 euro per person, and it was possible to touch and interact with all its exhibits. The staff was very friendly, and they were more than happy to assist us with taking some cool photos.

Illusions were varying from rooted deep in history to modern and urban ones, I would totally recommend this one if you are visiting Prague as well!

Thank you for being here and let me know if you like this content!




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