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Updated: May 17, 2023

I am someone who can listen people speaking Spanish 24/7.

It was always my dream to go to Spain and blend with this beautiful country, rhythm, people and culture.

What’s even better, my best friend shares the same feelings, but we didn’t know where to start since there is so many beautiful cities in Spain to visit.

After doing a little research, the answer was clear, we chose Barcelona!

I’m going to share the Top 5 things to do in 5 days in Barcelona on a budget.

We visited this gorgeous city in May, and I must say the weather was wonderful with around 25 degrees Celsius.

I hope you’ll be inspired to visit Barcelona and its magnificent architecture, food and art!

Here are our Top 5 things to do:

1. Mount Tibidabo

Head off to the highest point in Barcelona, top of Mount Tibidabo, where you will find the most beautiful cathedral, amusement park and several platforms which offer stunning views of the city.

We took Tramvia Blau to the Plaça Del Doctor Andreu where we jumped to the funicular train that goes straight up to the top of Tibidabo.

The entrance for the Amusement Park is 28€ with all the rides and attractions included.

You don’t need a ticket to visit the cathedral though, but I suggest getting it from the and hop on the Ferris Wheel for a stunning 360 views!

2. Gothic Quarter

Get lost in historical medieval streets combined with artistic and trendy bars.

Gothic Quarter is located between the streets of La Rambla and Via Laietana.

It is very easy to find it but also very easy to get lost in the labyrinthine streets.

You must check out Barcelona Cathedral and its stunning architecture, as well as Plaça del Pi that has a very interesting story with Pine trees.

We would suggest taking a walking tour around Gothic Quarter to learn a lot about museums, August’s Temple and many more unique information.

It is totally safe, so go ahead! Enjoy the time travel!

3. Gaudi’s Masterpieces

One of the masterpieces of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi is Sagrada Familia.

The construction started in 1882 and it is still not finished.

His work is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, and this architectural miracle will leave you speechless once you stand in front of it.

We didn’t enter inside as we were, as always, short on time, but if you visit Barcelona and you have extra time on your disposal, the ticket costs 20€ and it is recommended to buy online to avoid huge queue.

Next one on your list should be Casa Batlló; a Modernist Museum by Gaudi and it’s well known for its gorgeous colors and has the most iconic facade you’ll ever see.

Totally worth visiting, the ticket costs 25€ per person, better go in the morning to avoid big crowds.

The last one would be the Park Güell that is a well-known public park system composed of gardens and architectural elements and it is located on Carmel Hill.

Walk around the park is free but if you want to enter and see architectural are up close, the ticket costs 10€.

4. Barcelona Walk Experience

We spent many, many hours walking around town (but really, many hours), getting lost, discovering beautiful places without even searching them up, eating lots of great food along with Spanish wine.

I must say that, both my best friend and I agreed: every single street in Barcelona is stunning! You can feel the spirit of the town, absorb the history and culture on every corner.

We discovered a beautiful Sky Bar in Axel Hotel, Eixample district, where you can enjoy gorgeous sunsets, Plaça Reial near Gothic Quarter, Beach Side at Barceloneta Beach, even watched a football match on the stadium of Espanyol Football Club on a legendary win over Real Sociedad!

There are plenty things to do and visit, it’s just the matter of a budget and time.

5. Barcelona Food Guide

As I was preparing material to write on this subject, I realized that we haven’t eaten a lot of real food!

We ate so many tapas at all times of the day, we barely ate some more traditional food.

However, we did find a burger heaven and tasted the best burgers in Barcelona at Bacoa!

Then we had an amazing Paella at Casa Lola at La Rambla Catalunya, excellent choice of Tapas at Tapa Tapa on the way to Les Glòries and did some shopping for prosciutto ham at Enrique Tomás! ¡Buen provecho!

Did you ever visit Barcelona before? What did you like the most?

I hope you guys liked it, and it might inspire you to visit Barcelona too!


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