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Updated: May 17, 2023

Admiring the stunning view of the sea

Sultanate of Oman is a beautiful Middle Eastern country located on southern end of Arabian Peninsula. It has a population of around 4.6 million people, religion is dominantly Islam. Omani Riyal is the currency used and the language spoken is Arabic. What is very fascinating about Oman is that this country is so rich in nature having a desert, sea and mountains, offering everyone lot of perfect holiday options!

When we visited Oman, it was the beginning of August, the weather was quite hot with around 38 degrees Celsius, and we traveled by car from Dubai. It took us exactly six hours including crossing a border. Before you start planning your trip to Oman, regardless of where you are coming from, make sure you check if you need a visa to enter the country.

You can check it easily on and in case you need one, it is possible to apply online on the official Oman government website.

In this blog I will share the travel details from our weekend getaway to Oman.

I was lucky enough to have my birthday falling on exactly those days and celebrate it with my friends in these breathtaking places I’m about to show you!


Day 1

We left Dubai at 6 am and by arriving to our hotel in Muscat it was almost 1 pm so we settled quickly in our rooms and headed off to Tiwi Beach, also known as the White beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen!

It is very easy to find it since it’s located just next to the Highway 17, and it is about 2 hours away from Muscat by car.

The reason why I liked this beach a lot is because there was literally no one when we arrived. We spent the whole day enjoying dreamy turquoise sea water by ourselves. Since there is no infrastructure like restaurants, bars or toilets, I recommend not to stay longer than 2-3 hours, just don’t forget to put the sunscreen on and bring lots of water!

Tiwi Beach in Oman
Crystal clear blue water in Oman
Ocean's gem

Upon coming back to Muscat, we celebrated my birthday at the Caramel Restaurant and Lounge, having a delicious dinner and cocktails!

Birthday Cake celebration
Muscat Opera


Day 2

If you decide to visit Oman, Wadi Shab must be on your list! Located in between Muscat and Sur, it is very accessible from the Highway 17 and downloading a Google Map will easily get you straight to the parking of Wadi Shab.

We came in at 12:00 noon and there was not a lot of people, so we found the parking spot with no struggle. You don’t have to worry about parking fees because it is free. There is a small market where you can have non-alcoholic beverages for refreshment and also use a restroom before starting a journey!

The adventure starts by a small boat ride that costs 1 OMR which is around 3 $ and must be paid in cash. In less than 5 minutes we got on the other side of the river and started our hike! Now I have to mention this adventure contains not only hike but also swimming parts so make sure you have your swimsuit under the clothes. When it comes to shoes, the best option would be hiking sandals, but sneakers or water shoes are also okay.

Welcome to Wadi al-Shab Oman
Middle Eastern Nature

The first hike was around 45 minutes long, it was a little challenging because some of the rocks are slippery, but the views of the canyons were stunning, so we didn’t pay a lot of attention on time.

Our guide showed us the most beautiful natural blue water pools along the way, so it was a good chance to stop and take nice photos. Upon reaching the swimming part, we dropped off our bags before entering the pool. Don’t let this scare you, it is very safe in Wadi Shab.

After swimming and hiking, we reached a huge cave with a waterfall that flows into it. Once we entered the cave, we witnessed fascinating and serene atmosphere. If you decide to go in, it will leave you speechless, no doubt! It will make you well exhausted after all the hike but will be worth it.

We went back the same way we got in, including crossing the river back to the parking. The whole experience was unbelievable, rare and scenic.

Don’t be surprised if you meet cute goats and donkeys along the way!

Wandering between mountains and natural pools
Natural Pools in Oman
Omani Mountains
Bathing in the natural pools in Oman
Hiking the Omani Mountains


Day 3

This stunning attraction is, if you ask geologists a sinkhole but if you ask the locals, they will tell you this is a result of a meteorite hitting that exact spot. One way or another, Bimmah Sinkhole is definitely a must visit.

After enjoying a breakfast in Muscat, we decided to visit this remarkable natural wonder before going back to Dubai. We left Muscat around 10 am and we found Bimmah Sinkhole with no difficulties after almost two hours' drive on a Highway 17.

There were many signs on the road guiding us to it apart from the Google Map. Upon passing a beautiful park filled with palm trees, we changed our clothes to swimsuits in the restroom. It was impossible not to see this impressive Earth crusted hole with truly dazzling turquoise water.

This natural pool is 20 feet deep and if you like diving, this is the right place for you. The water was crystal clear, and we saw lots of tiny fishes who were about to give us a free pedicure every time we would stand still.

We spent 3 hours enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere since we were literally the only ones there.

After relaxing day by the pool of nature, we went back to Dubai.

Plunging into the crystal-clear waters of Bimmah Sinkhole
Bimmah Sinkhole Oman
Natural wonder Bimmah Sinkhole in oman
Calm afternoon surrounded by the blue water

This short travel itinerary is perfect for people living in the United Arab Emirates, but if you are planning a longer visit, apart from many other hot spots to see in Oman, Tiwi Beach, Wadi Shab and Sinkhole should be on your list regardless and I am sure if you judge by the photos, you’ll agree!

Girls on a road trip

Thanks for stooping by!




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